Vision, Reading & Learning

Vision, Reading & Learning Vision, Reading & Learning

Detect and Treat Vision Problems that Cause Struggling & Underachievement.

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy Vision Therapy

Doctor-supervised Eye Therapy, Eye Exercises and Vision Rehabilitation

Therapy for ADHD, Autism, etc.

Therapy for ADHD, Autism, etc. Therapy for ADHD…

Effective Eye Therapy for All Types of Special Needs, e.g. ADHD, Autism…

Amblyopia / Strabismus

Lazy Eye / Amblyopia / Strabismus Amblyopia / Strabismus

Successful Treatment at Any Age without Surgery or Eye Patching!

Concussion / Brain Injury TBI

Concussion / Traumatic Brain Injury TBI Concussion / Brain Injury

Treatment for Physical & Cognitive Issues caused by Traumatic Brain Injury.

COULD YOUR CHILD BE AT RISK? Your child may have 20/20 eyesight but 0/0 vision. The difference is critical. Eyesight is merely the basic ability to see. Vision is the ability to identify, interpret, comprehend, and act on what is seen. Routine vision tests performed by school personnel or by most eye care professionals measure eyesight. They do not include the kinds of testing that can find visually related learning problems.

Our VIP (Vision Improvement Program) can diagnose and successfully treat vision problems that are often reflected in the following behaviors:

  • Unable to sit still, cannot stay on task for any length of time.
  • Very clumsy; poor eye-hand coordination.
  • Does written work very slowly; often fails to complete a task.
  • Has difficulty copying visual material; constantly looks up and down.
  • Moves entire head instead of eyes when reading.
  • Reversals - for example confusing the words "was and saw" or letters "b and d".
  • Is disorganized and frustrated when studying visual information.
  • Makes frequent, "careless" errors.
  • Difficulty understanding and remembering what they read.

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